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2016 Schedule

2016 Event Schedule

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Thursday, May 26
1:30pm Tap Exhibition
5:30pm Water Volleyball (Co-Ed) (50-64)
Friday, May 27
8:00am Pickleball (65+) 
9:00am 9-Hole Golf Tournament 
9:00am Horseshoes Singles 
9:00am Water Volleyball (Co-Ed) (75+)
12:00pm Billiards: Eight Ball
12:00pm Horseshoes Open Doubles
1:00pm Water Volleyball (Co-Ed) (65-74)
2:30pm Duplicate Bridge 
5:00pm Ultimate Frisbee 

Saturday, May 28
8:00am Badminton Singles (M)
8:00am Table Tennis Singles (W)
8:00am Tennis
9:00am 7 v 7 Soccer Tournament
9:00am Cycling (5 Mile)
9:00am Football Punt
10:00am Cycling (5 Kilometers)
10:00am Table Tennis Doubles (W)
11:00am Badminton Singles (W)
11:00am Cycling (1 Mile)
11:00am Dart Throw
11:00am Football Kick
11:00am Table Tennis Singles (M 50-59)
11:45am Cycling (1/4 Mile) 
12:00pm Table Tennis Singles (M 60-69)
1:00pm Badminton Doubles 
1:00pm Soccer Kick – Distance 
1:00pm Table Tennis Singles (M 70+)
2:00pm Swimming 
3:00pm Badminton Mixed Doubles 
3:00pm Bowling Singles 
3:00pm Frisbee Toss – Distance 
3:00pm Table Tennis Doubles (M) 
4:00pm Table Tennis Mixed Doubles 
4:00pm Tennis 
5:00pm Ultimate Frisbee 
7:00pm Bowling 4 Person Teams 

Sunday, May 29
8:00am Shuffleboard Singles (M 50-64)
8:00am Tennis 
8:00am Track & Field 
8:30am Basketball Around The World
9:00am Bocce (M 70+) 
9:00am Washer Toss (W 50-64) 
9:30am Basketball Free Throw
10:00am Bocce (M 50-69) 
10:00am Shuffleboard Singles (W 50-64)
10:00am Weightlifting Weigh-In 
11:00am Washer Toss (W 65+) 
11:30am Bocce (W 50-64) 
12:00pm 3 on 3 Basketball 
12:00pm Pickleball (50-64) 
12:00pm Shuffleboard Singles (M 65+)
1:00pm Bocce (W 65+) 
1:00pm Squash 
1:00pm Washer Toss (M 65+) 
2:00pm Shuffleboard Singles (W 65+)
2:00pm Swimming 
2:00pm Washer Toss (M 50-64) 
3:00pm Bowling Doubles 
7:00pm Bowling Singles 

Monday, May 30
8:00am Accuracy Plug Casting 
8:00am Cornhole (M 50-64) 
8:00am Tennis 
8:00am Track & Field 
8:30am Racquetball Singles 
8:30am Weightlifting 
9:00am Bowling 3 Person Baker
9:00am Football Throws – Accuracy and Distance
9:00am Shuffleboard Open Doubles (75+)
9:30am Cornhole (W 50-64)
11:00am Baseball Homerun Derby
11:00am Cornhole (M 65+)
11:00am Shuffleboard Open Doubles (50-59)
11:00am Softball Throws – Accuracy and Distance
12:30pm Bowling Mixed Doubles
12:30pm  Cornhole (W 65+)
1:00pm Shuffleboard Open Doubles (60-74)
1:00pm Softball Homerun Derby
1:30pm Soccer Kick – Accuracy
2:00pm Cornhole Open Doubles (75+)
2:15pm Racquetball Doubles
3:00pm Cornhole Open Doubles (50-74)

Tuesday, May 31
7:30am 18-Hole Golf Tournament


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